And off we go...almost

Baby girl has decided that she can move forward this morning. So, now not only can she roll in her various little piles of posset, she can drag her tummy through them too. Oh the fun that will now be had.

Toddler has got to the stage of saying to me "She's been sick again mummy" but, unlike Tween, she will actually get a cloth and wipe it up - Tween runs in the opposite direction!

Our carpet is beginning to look like it has a white on green pattern about it. Me thinks it's time to dig the VAX out again and make some feeble attempt at having it clean. I was thinking that weird thing that some cultures do about leaving plastic over their furniture might not be a bad idea for our carpet. We could keep it covered with something easy to clean like laminate. Oh yeah, that's called having a hardwood floor isn't it.


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