Domestic goddess

The above phrase is not something I tend to be associated with. Yes, once upon a time I used to spend every Saturday morning cleaning my little house but now, well, there just seem to be better things to do with my time - like this Blog, Facebook, Twitter and, oh yeah, the family!

I often wonder how it is that I go to friends houses and they are totally and utterly spotless, even with children around. Do they all have secret cleaners? Do they wake at 2am and spend the next 4 hours cleaning? How is this done?

My house seems to have an almost permanent amount of dust on the surfaces and an equal amount of hair on the carpet. No, we don't have any pets, I just seem to moult enough for everyone. My hair literally comes out in handfuls. Do you remember those weird dolls from yesteryear where you could hold a switch and their hair would grow? That's kind of like me. I have no idea why I'm not entirely bald but (so far) I'm not.

I have attempted to hoover every other day which works well as it saves my baby daughter from getting completely trapped under furniture by lengths of hair that act like some giant cobweb.

There is just something about cleaning daily that I find odd. Perhaps it's because my own mother was so obsessed with it that it really became her life whilst I was at school. I'm almost rebelling by not doing it. Please don't get me wrong, the house isn't a tip but it's not a show home either. After all, there are more important things in life than a hoovered floor and sparkling bathroom :)


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