Everyone needs a Jumparoo

I have decided that every person who has a baby should also have a Fisher Price Rainforest Jumparoo. They should be given out with the little new mum packs you get in hospital. That would give dads something to do immediately after you gave birth - put the Jumparoo together like only a man can!

We have had a Rainforest Open Top Swing (just sold on eBay) and a Jumparoo for both girls, the latter is still going strong. They are a fabulous toy and entertainment centre for little ones and, on occasion, great place to have a nap!

At first we did wonder if it was a bit of an expensive luxury, but we needn't have been concerned. The fun and play that both of our girls have had in it was worth every penny.

It has a total spin-around seat so your baby can access all the toys, a hanging frog and parrot that our baby just loves to try and pull totally off (the concentration and effort she makes is quite astounding!) and music and lights. Everything a baby loves. There are also 3 seat height settings so you can adjust it as they grow. I am absolutely sure that the bouncing has helped our little one get more strength in her legs as she's already lifting herself up and started crawling at 7 months - much earlier than her older sister. Also, for us, our youngest has always been a clingy baby and this is one place she loved to be put where she wasn't shouting for us to pick her up constantly. I don't need to tell you how heavy and awkward even a tiny baby can be when you have to achieve everything one-handed!

As a parent, you know your baby is safe and sound whilst you're running the hoover round or popping in and out of the kitchen cooking up a culinary masterpiece (or making beans on toast).

You'll be pleased to know that they are still selling well and you can find one at Amazon or Argos (Amazon is £20 cheaper!). Even better, check out eBay as there are usually lots of there :)


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