Fairy Princess Tent

A quick review for you. I was up at Homebase the other day looking for shelving and, as you do, had a browse around and saw this wonderful tent.

It comes in its own little zip up bag with handles and folds to around 15"x15" so is really compact. The tent is pink and purple with a lovely edging around the roof area to make it look like it should be by a jousting field :)

It has two round mesh windows, inbuilt ground sheet and comes with 3 push-together sets of poles to support it. These are placed into slots inside the tent and just tied to the edge in 3 places. There are 3 ground stakes with it for outdoor use and the doorway is just open.

We put it up in about 5 minutes and it takes about as long to take down again (slightly longer to clear all the toys from inside it first!). It is a simple wrist twisting action whilst holding it to fold it up which is easy.

You can use it indoors (where it is right now) or outside (as you can see from the photo).

It costs just £9.99 so is a real bargain for hours of fairy princess fun. Available at Homebase.


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