Finger wagging and stop nagging

I'm sorry to say that my toddler, who is now turned 2 1/2 and fast moving to 13, has begun to wag her finger. Surely this cannot be anything to do with yours truly? I shudder at even the suggestion!

She turned to me the other day, finger at the ready and told me to 'pack it in mummy' as I was teasing her. What? Eh? I don't recall ever saying those words accompanied by the dreaded forefinger wag! Separately I have used them I am sure but combined? No, it cannot be. She is making up her own rules.

She informed hubby the other day, who was chasing her around downstairs trying to get her dressed and saying, repeatedly, 'please come and get dressed now' to "Stop nagging me daddy". Now, I know for sure where she got that one from! :) It must be her grandma - job done!

She informed me tonight whilst reading her story book (well, she doesn't REALLY read yet, surely you worked that one out) that (oh, she has memorised the lot though) said kitten in the book had got stuck up a tree and was rescued by a "Firework". I know that it's wrong to call out the fire brigade when your cat is stuck up a tree but do your really think that lighting a banger or rocket underneath it is really the solution?


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