It's gonna come back to bite me

You know you will eventually turn into your own mother, despite every fibre of your being saying "I'll never do/say/act like that when I have my own children"? Yep, it's happening more and more to me at the moment. I can hear my mother's voice as I repeat the phrases she used on me when I was a child - 'It's like a herd of elephants banging around', 'Don't mess around on the stairs, you'll fall', etc.

Well, seems my toddler is already turning into me! How scary is that? The other day I asked her to please keep quiet as I was trying to watch a programme on TV and she was babbling in my ear like a bee on a nectar rush. She finally did go quiet as the titles rolled so other than the occasional word and a bit of lip-reading, I didn't really know what the investigation found and the outcomes. Next time I'll hit record when I spot something interesting.

Yesterday I was hoovering the house (you will recall I do this on occasion) and she turned around to me and said "Mummy, can you please be quiet as I am trying to watch my TV programme". What? Eh? I said I would after I'd finished hoovering, "Well, how long are you going to be exactly?" came the reply. In fairness she had helped me dust first so I couldn't accuse her of just sitting there all day watching TV and doing nothing. I reserve the right to use that on my Tween!

Baby girl is on the move even more now. Bottom is coming up into the air and knees going right underneath so she almost crawls but not quite. It normally ends up with her either (a) putting her bottom back down and rolling off to where she wants to go or (b) pushing forwards where her arms collapse under her and she ends up hoovering the carpet with her face.

Oh, I forgot to mention, I finally burned my maternity/breast feeding bras!! Well, not exactly burned, more opened the recycling bin and deposited them in there. Surely they are recyclable?


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