Potette Plus - a must for geocaching toddlers

We went for a lovely cloudy, but warm, walk part way around Virginia Water Lake today. The reason for this sudden desire to be out in the fresh air for 2 1/2 hours was simple - geocaching! We are geocaching mad :)

My best friend introduced me to this weird hobby last year. At the time she was simply demonstrating her iPhone and I thought, how odd is that (the geocaching, not the iPhone)? My tween, however, thought it was the best thing ever (not sure if that may have been just the desire to have an iPhone though!). Off the pair of them went and found a cache almost on my doorstep! I started to think this modern day treasure hunting sounded fun so this year when I upgraded my mobile phone I got myself an HTC Desire S. We downloaded c:geo (which is free) from the Android Market and off we went. Fabulous! We haven't looked back since. Well, we have looked back a bit, and around and inside holes and up trees...but you know what I mean.

Today's caching adventures made me realise just how great a little travel potty is that I bought some time ago. So, mini review for you here. It's called the Potette Plus (you can buy it from Bibs & Stuff who are the UK supplier) and it quite simply is brilliant. It folds so compactly that I take it everywhere with me - in the car, under the pushchair and in the smallest basket in the world on my Out 'n' About double buggy! It has it's own little carrying bag and comes with some 'catcher' bags to start you off. Basically, you can use it two ways. Firstly, you can fold the legs and click into position so the potty stands up. You then simply put the bag with absorbent layer into it and away your toddler goes! When done, just take the bag off, tie and dispose in the nearest doggy bin (that's what I do!). Secondly, you can fold the feet right out to the sides to make a toddler toilet seat. Like that the seat simply supports itself, via it's outstretched feet, on an adult seat. It's a bit like a potty angel :)

So, when you are stuck in the woods going for a 4 1/2 mile walk with not a toilet in sight, the Potette Plus is an absolute must. I'd far rather she used that than crouched in the trees and, knowing her luck, get a stinger nettle on her bum!


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