She's off and so are the schools

Baby has now officially started crawling. She is doing it in a fashion that the SAS undercover ops team would be proud off - commando/stealth style. She lays almost flat on her tummy and puts one arm over the other, dragging herself along by her forearms and a bit of leg work. She can move at one heck of a rate and so, much to her disgust, I have put a baby gate on the lounge doorway.

I decided to do this yesterday when I'd left her at the furtherest away part of the lounge and walked into the kitchen, via the hallway, to do some toast. It turns out that she decided following me was a great idea and commando'd her way to find me. All I noticed was a little head appearing around the edge of the doorway. It must have taken her about 45 seconds to get there. As we keep shoes, bags, etc under the stairs and she'd taken an interest in toddler's bike and my slippers, I decided to bar her way before she reached that hazard zone. To say she was not impressed is an understatement. She makes her way up to the gate, rolls over, takes her socks off and eats her feet whilst shouting her annoyance. Sometimes she even cries too (although I'm unsure if that's frustration or her new teeth biting her toes a bit too hard!).

As it's the school holidays, we've actually booked (yes, you heard me right) to have toddlers' shoe fitting at Clarks at the end of August. I have always had a total dread of going anywhere near a childrens' shoe department in August at any time so I'm delighted to have my own appointment now. Apparently if you are the sort of person who likes sitting around in a shoe shop full of bored children for hours on end, you can still just pop along and take a ticket (and packed lunch) for a long wait. However, that is not my idea of fun and since they've taken all the nice toys out of all Clarks shops (something to do with H&S again as infection could be passed between children touching the same play stuff - umm...have to get toddler some surgical gloves to wear when she goes to nursery then and a mask just in case) I have no intention of hanging around so I've booked my slot and my fitting lady will be awaiting my arrival poised with the foot measuring machine at the ready. I have a 15 min slot to get feet measured, shoes picked and fitted. I can do that!

I should mention that on the second day of the school holidays, Tween already used those dreadful words "I'm bored". I suspect this was something to do with the fact that I'd banned her from sitting on the PC all day and made her come into the garden to 'play'. The horror of it!


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