Sleep at last....or is it?

Having had 10 weeks - yes, count them, 10 whole weeks, of baby not sleeping, I caved in and headed to see the doc. Convinced she had some malformed skull bone (as there must be something sinister happening to have kept her awake from age 17 weeks until 27 weeks surely?) or there was a more easily explained problem, I bit the bullet and wandered in.

It turns out that her skull is fine, it's my lack of routine with her that has been the problem. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not a slacks-a-daisy type of mummy and I do have a routine (kind of) but she's always needed lots of cuddles so that's what she's used to, even at bedtime.

Turns out that all I needed to do to get back into my normal non-zombie role during the day was put my hand on her tummy, tell her I'm there and leave the room. So, lying to her is the trick! "Shush baby, mummy's here" - the sound of feet leaving, the click of the bedroom door and mummy has gone. Surely that's giving her false information and leading her to start telling fibs from a young age?! Anyway, it worked. I sat in oldest daughters bedroom, playing Bopit Extreme and by the score of 127 she was asleep. I hasten to say that it took around 10 goes to get said score and about 35 mins to get her to sleep the first night but that's 1,000,000% (yes, I know you can't get more than 100% but are you going to argue with me when I'm tired?) better than any of the past 10 weeks.

The muminator is back, refreshed and ready for battle!


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