Baby wipes are not just for bottoms, oh no!

Having now had 3 children, you find lots of uses for objects that aren't exactly what they were designed for. In this instance, let me regale to you the joys of baby wipes :)

Now, did you know that one of the only things that I have found that will remove permanent marker from walls is - a baby wipe! They are pure genius! You don't need an expensive one, almost any wipe will do the trick. I found this out when my, now, Tween was a mere 5 years old and decided that whilst I sat chatting to a friend in the lounge, her and her friend of the same age would draw a wonderful height chart in black permanent marker (where she got it from and who's it was remained an unsolved mystery) up the side of the door on my newly painted walls. Suffice to say, she was very proud of herself having put all the marks on the wall and the measurements. I didn't know whether to laugh or cry. My friend laughed but then again it wasn't her house now covered in junior graffiti was it! However, I pulled out a baby wipe and started rubbing at the wall and the marker started to come off. OK, it was very slightly visible when I finished so a quick splash of paint finished the job but what a revelation.

The next thing they are great for is baby sick on your carpet. Our youngest has taken to finding places on the carpet without tiny stains and vomiting on them. You'll not be surprised to learn that finding a spot on our carpet that is actually clean is a very fine art. now Again, the wipes do the best job and borrowing a VAX from the outlaws finishes it off when we've run out of areas of clean altogether. So, we borrow it about once every 2 months ;-)

Wipes are great for getting oil off hands. With a hubby working on his motorbike and no gel in sight, baby wipes are better than soap and water. It also means the taps stay clean as you just know that's the one thing he'll forget to wipe otherwise and I'll end up with oily hands which means he'll end up in the dog house (if we had a dog and an associated house of course).

Faces. Sticky chocolate faces and hands are another baby wipe use. I guess that one you'll already know about.

Bottoms. Yep, what they were intended for they are pretty good at cleaning :)


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