Cake baking weather in August

I wondered if I'd hibernated for a short while when I opened the curtains this morning. What a grey and rainy day out. Lights are on in the house and it feels more like October then August. So, what to do with kiddies when it's raining. Baking cakes and cookies!

I had resisted for a few days. My determination not to snack on cake had been matched by my strong willpower but today, it all crumbled when the toddler said "can we make cakes mummy?". "Yes, of course" I said, almost skipping to the kitchen. Hey, it wasn't my decision was it.

Now, we, in this household, are happy to bake our own or get the mix out of the packet. I am not the type of mummy who jabbers on about "oh, it must be home baked or it's just not the same." Rubbish! I challenge you oh knit-your-own-yoghurt-woman to tell the difference between a good packet mix and a yummy home-made cake.

Today it's Betty Crocker Devils Food Cake Mix all the way for the toddler and I. We have decided to be a bit radical and, for once, make fairy cakes out of the mix. Toddler stands on the chair in the kitchen with her pinny on and mixes the ingredients with her wooden spoon until I say I need to use the mixer. At that point she is gone. For some reason she hates the mixer and I don't know why - it's not even loud. First batch put into the oven and the question starts already - "When can I eat them?". That's toddler, not me ;-)

Hang on, oven bleeping. Got to go a minute....

...OK back now. 1st lot out, 2nd lot in. Smells delicious. I'm now being harrassed by toddler who is standing by the door asking me if they cakes are cool enough yet. No, I've only just got them out of the oven. Mind you, if hubby was here, he'd happily be burning his mouth to try and eat one by now ;-)

2nd lot done and last batch in. This is going well.

I have also just eaten all the remaining mixture from the bowl. So much for any kind of 'diet' then! I told the toddler that she shouldn't eat raw egg so I'll eat it all. Was that wrong? ;-)

Last lot out. Now the impatience waiting to ice them (this time it's me, not toddler!).

Do you think I should save one or two cakes for hubby....or not?


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