Chasing babies

Little one has learned to crawl as I have mentioned in previous posts. However, this now presents a new set of problems for us - namely the great outdoors.

It used to be quite an easy thing, a trip into the garden, but not any more, oh no! Now, it is a constant battle with strategic lines drawn and escape plans made. Just a mere few weeks ago, I could lay out a blanket, plop her on it and she'd roll about a bit but mainly was quite content to stay pretty much on said blanket chewing her feet or one of the many toys I surrounded her with. Then came the day she decided that she could roll off the blanket and get to more toys in the garden that she shouldn't have - an old shuttlecock thats been in the hedge for goodness knows how long, a dirty ball, water toys full of rain water and dead things - you get my drift. But, even with the rolling, it took some time for her to position herself to then pick up said article in which time I'd let her get there and then swoop upon her like a bird of prey and lift her back onto the blanket for her to start again. A good game I'm sure you will agree. But then came crawling.

Now crawling is a whole different ball game. She can now focus on what she wants and set straight off for it and boy, she can move! I've even noticed she has a small carpet burn on her forearm and leg where she scoots along indoors. Glad we don't have nylon carpets or she'd be stuck to the walls or ceiling with static!

So, here we are in the garden, with pinpoint accuracy she homes in on her target and she's away like a rocket. No more grabbing the odd chapter (albeit in 5 line instalments) of my book. I need my eyes peeled exclusively for little miss. She lulls you into a false sense of security too as she babbles happily on her blanket, feet in mouth, watching for you to look away for the split second she needs to roll onto her front, set her sight and go before you realise what is happening. Suffice to say nipping to the toilet without sitting her in her chair/playpen/Jumparoo/or putting her on the trampoline - don't worry, I'm just kidding, we'd never put her in a playpen ;-) - is a no-no now.

Hubby has suggested we tether her in the garden. You know the sort of thing that they do to horses grazing on common land where they are tied to a post and can graze round in a circle. Umm, I feel a new baby product idea blossoming ;-)


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