In the Night Garden...Live

We had a fabulous trip out on Friday to see In the Night Garden Live at Old Deer Park, Richmond. The weather was glorious and we got there, parked in the ample car park opposite and had a wonder over to the show dome. What a lovely sight with the Pinky Ponk flying high above it, much to the delight of the children all around.

We set out our picnic blanket and all sat down to enjoy our food before the show began. Once eaten, we went in to have some photos taken and our toddlers' eyes lit up at the sight of Upsy Daisy waiting to give her a cuddle. They are much bigger in real life! :) Even I got a photo taken with her too. Well, you couldn't miss that kind of photo opportunity could you...

We settled in for the show and it was truly magical. Even our 7 month old baby was mesmerised throughout and the toddler watched, sang and danced around during the performance. The 'seating' is like large platforms, each sufficiently high that even if someone sits on the one in front of you, children can see over the top. The platforms are wide enough for children to jump around and dance on - which many did.

The characters are a mix of large (with people inside) and puppets, expertly worked.

They have TV screens in the entrance area in case children are a bit scared of the big characters on stage so they can go and watch the show in the format they are used to. Everything has been thought through carefully. All credit to the show for that.

As with any good rock concert or show, the merchandising is a bit pricey at £8 per helium balloon and £6 for a light stick but you just expect to pay for these things don't you ;-) The only downside is that our baby is absolutely terrified of helium balloons so we can only let our toddler play with it when she is in bed.

If you have children and it's coming to you, I would highly recommend it. It is only an hour long but is lovely entertainment.


  1. Parts of your description makes it sound a bit like a Pink Floyd concert I went to back in the 70's.

    Must try to find out exactly who these characters are!


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