New Geocaching sign required : "Machete needed"

We had a lovely time yesterday exploring another new set of footpaths around where we live Geocaching. Unfortunately, I hadn't really taken any notice of the symbols on each cache and made the huge assumption that they would be child/pushchair friendly like most of the rest of the 'ring' that we had completed. Not so.

We set off on a reasonable path and found a couple of caches (they all seem to be by rather nice, large, probably expensive houses this time) and had an amble through some woodland to some more. We then set off down the 'public footpath'. I think this really should have read 'Wild, overgrown area you may just be able to squeeze down'.

Now, fortunately our pushchair is a 3 wheel, off road type. Toddler just, well, toddled, with us. However, as good as the pushchair was, it was hard going when the foliage was closing in around us and we were struggling to walk single file!

You would expect most normal people to realise this is not going to get any better and turn around but not us, oh no, we are now dedicated Geocachers! Something as trivial as needing a machete to get through the undergrowth is not going to stop us finding those micro caches ;-)

Our pushchair is basically a frame that the car seat (plus baby) sit into so you can remove the seat and her quite easily, which was needed regularly as we had to lift her, then the pushchair, then the toddler, over styles and kissing gates. At one point we had to carry the whole pushchair as it was impossible to actually wheel it along as the grass was too high and thick and there were potholes hidden underneath it! We also had to tell the toddler not to touch the white wires as we walked between two fields of horses surrounded by electric fencing...

One of the lovely things about Geocaching is that you find out of the way places that you probably wouldn't come across normally. There are also beautiful views and places of interest to explore. Often you just don't realise what you have on your doorstep. We had no idea there were so many little streams and wooden bridges around this area. I guess Geocaching is a great walk, enhanced :)

Suffice to say, we will check the route a little better in future ;-) Despite all of this, we had a fabulous 3 hour walk out and have found many places we would like to buy when we win the Lottery :)


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