Next time it's iron-on or permanent marker

Today I decided to bite the bullet or, more appropriately, thread the needle and crack on with sewing name labels into the toddler's school clothes. Simple you may think, but alas not so.

The school provide an illustrated sheet of where each label must go just in case you might like to live vicariously and sew them into the sleeve or pocket for a laugh. I kid you not!

So, can you imagine not only am I sewing labels into sweatshirts, polo tops, jogging bottoms and gloves, but also on to each sock (inside at ankle or on the sole), a fleece hat which is reversible (not now it isn't unless I want everyone she walks past to know her name) and an equally reversible fleece jacket. Add to that the fact that her art overall and PE bag must have a different size label to the ones I bought (isn't that just flipping typical) and I need ribbon to put onto a couple of items that she needs to recognise, it's become a bit of a trauma for me. I think I need a lay down. In fact, I'd go as far as to say, if I drank, I'd have a large glass please!

I also found that I either now own the bluntest needles in the West or I am in urgent need of a thimble. The latter item I always considered the property of old ladies only who were far to infirm to push a needle through a piece of cotton, but I now concede that this is not the case. I have managed to push the non-sharp piece of the needle into my middle finger so many times, it looks like I've been attacked by a miniature hedgehog :(

Add all this to the fact that my eyesight is clearly failing me and it didn't matter how much I twisted and sucked the end of the cotton, it wasn't going anywhere near that damned needle eye. I was beginning to think I was in some surreal optical illusion. I clearly have to admit defeat and confess that I cannot thread a needle anymore without the help of (a) a needle threader or (b) my glasses. I decided to opt for (a) as I felt I would not use (b) unless I couldn't get (a) through the eye of the needle either!

I am wondering what possessed me to get 'sew on' rather than 'iron on' labels now. Perhaps I had some notion that it would make me look a better mummy that I'd laboured over the labels, not just cast an iron over the lot in 2 minutes. In future, looks aren't everything, it's iron on even if she ends up with her socks stuck to her ankles and a melted art overall! :)


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