Is September summer or winter?

I picked up toddler's school uniform today :) It was so lovely seeing her try all her stuff on properly. She looked so cute. Now I have the exciting task of sewing in the name labels *yikes*

She is so excited about going to school that she thought she could start today now she had her uniform. The look of disappointment when I told her she wasn't starting until September as it was the holidays was such a sad sight. Let's hope she loves it as much once she starts.

Of course, I would have a dilema on my hands wouldn't I. September is a funny month for weather and I've bought her a 'winter' uniform with a fleece hat. Now, do I buy a straw boater too (part of the summer uniform) or leave her to go outside without a hat if the sun shines? I have to confess that the boater is so cute so I may just have to have one for her anyway and hope her head doesn't grow too much before next spring! :)


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