That's (L)amaz(e)ing how she loves these toys

I was looking through toys that would suit our baby girl now and checking out the ones our toddler used to have and it suddenly occurred to me just how many Lamaze toys we had! They are:
  • Sir Prance-a-Lot (hanging in cot picture)
  • Paddy the Panda
  • Sophie Princess (her favourite toy - being cuddled)
  • Foot Finders and Wrist Rattles in high contrast
  • Classic Discovery Book
  • Stretch the Giraffe
  • Octotunes
  • Spin & Stack Rings
Why did we buy so many of this brand of toy I hear you cry (ok, maybe just wonder to yourself)? The answer is simple, they are great for little ones. Let me tell you why.

Lamaze are designed with babies and small people in mind. The toys themselves are bright, fun colours but often have simple black and white patterns on them, those which we know attract tiny eyes. They inevitably all have a bell, rattle, scrunch and squeaker in them for little hands to explore. The materials in each toy are varied so there are different textures to feel.

Our baby's absolute favourite (and which she will not sleep) is the Sophie Princess doll. It amazes me as she crunches and bashes the cot hanger around in the night that she doesn't wake with a start but it seems the feel and crunch reassures her and she sleeps well...UNLESS...she loses her! All hell then breaks out until we rush in and put her back in her hands. Our toddler has a soft blankie bear but our baby has her scrunchy, noisy dolly :)

When we go out we are always accompanied by Panda and Giraffe. For some reason, Giraffe's yellow foot is a favourite to bash and chew and Panda's flowers are also in for a good gumming! Don't laugh, but we've had Giraffe for nearly 3 years now and I only found out a few weeks ago that his head squeaks :)

So, if you're looking for lovely, well made toys for your baby that will keep them entertained for a long time (our toddler still loves the creature toys), then I can highly recommend Lamaze.


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