Watch me Zumba baby, yeah!

Well, not actually 'watch' me. I'm not daft enough to upload any kind of video of me doing this great exercise routine. In fact, I'm unlikely to upload a video of me even sitting still you'll be pleased to know.

I decided that, after 3 children and being in my 40's, I needed to lose my cute baby pouch so, on a friends recommendation, I sat down purposefully at my PC and ordered Zumba for the Wii. I didn't want to overdo the exercise by walking to the shop to physically buy it and my postman just loves delivering parcels ;-)

The DVD arrived from Amazon within a few days and I eagerly attached the belt to myself and got started with an Easy, 20 minute workout.

I was shattered by the end of the warm up!

This was going to be a little harder than I thought. However, I decided that a close coronary, red face and being sure that hubby had turned the heating on all of a sudden (yes, I got a bit hot and sweaty) wasn't going to stop me. My legs being unable to move, my arms aching and lack of oxygen on the other hand may do. It was also a bit disheartening when my toddler put the belt on herself and I selected a little single dance for her and she scored more than I did :(

I'm pleased to say (as you will gather) that I made it through my first exercise in about 18 months alive and, despite being shattered, really enjoyed it. The music was good, I sort of followed the steps and enjoyed dancing around my lounge. I was just pleased that I was not in a class ;-)

I have now been Zumba'ing for a few months and yesterday got my highest score of 539 on Intermediate Level 3. I'm still on 20 minutes but think this week I'll move up to 40 and see how it goes.

The routines are great and I've now found my firm favourites. I think that occasionally I look like I can dance and know what I'm actually doing. I get a glimpse in the mirror now and again and realise I still look a bit bonkers but I no longer gasp and stumble for my drink in each 5 second break (I could barely lift the glass in that time when I first started!) and feel great after each session, which I now do every other day.

The picture above is of me doing Zumba now. Yeah, ok, you got me, it isn't. How did you guess? ;-) I have to say though that I have definitely changed in shape and my tummy is disappearing and my waist is showing more. I can even suck my tummy in to make it look nearly flat :) Admittedly, I can't hold that for long though ;-)

I was jolly pleased to do a pairs session a few weeks ago with my tween and she was quite surprised how well I did it. Now that is a true compliment!


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