WOW - Casey Camper Van Review

What a lovely surprise we had today!

We had been off visiting the outlaws and when we got home, a package awaited us. Casey Camper Van had been sent to us by the fantastic people at WOW Toys for the toddler to review.

The moment I opened the brown paper, the toddler said "I love it mummy. Get it out!" We therefore wasted no time in removing the packaging and play beginning.

Casey is a bright orange camper van that is friction powered - no need for batteries to start play and no rushing to your local garage when they run out at 6am! It is suitable for ages 1.5 - 5 years old, although our baby of 8 months would beg to differ here as I think she almost got to it faster than her sister ;-)

Casey comes with two play characters, Pete and Lilly, and a dog called Sammy. The roof has a shape sorting luggage rack with two brightly coloured cases on top. There is a removable picnic table for the two characters to sit in and a dog basket and water bowl for Sammy. Both Casey and all the parts are well made, no sharp edges and easy for little hands to deal with.

The roof of Casey pulls down so that you can play inside too where you will find a bed, sink, mirror and on the pull down section, some grass, flowers and a hop-scotch area. The only thing I would say is that for our toddler, who is almost 3, the 'clip' to this area is quite hard to pull down so she needs our help. The tailgate can be opened by pressing a little button in Casey's side, but that is also a bit stiff for her at the moment, so she simply pulls it down which gives her easy access. The drivers compartment at the front of Casey lifts up so that you can put the characters in there. Of course, shutting Casey up is a doddle for the toddle(r).

The static side has a little awning and window.

As you remove Casey from the box, there is a nice, cardboard background which you can also use for play.

At our toddlers age, she immediately went in to imaginary play with the characters. It is lovely to hear her making them talk as they go in and out of Casey and discuss what they are doing. Sammy does have a loud bark ;-)

We also have WOW's Katie's Camper Holiday Friends which is very similar to this so she has now collected the other camper van and then the two families were off. Mummy and daddy in Casey and grandma and grandad in Katie's :) They were last seen touring the dining room and about to embark on a beanbag mountain adventure.

Casey was very kindly sent to me free of charge for the purpose of the review. All opinions stated here are, of course, my own :)


  1. Love WOW toys but will buy this now. Thanks for the review!


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