WOW - that really is a good toy

I recently decided to look for a few new toys for our toddler as she has kind of outgrown the ones we have and I wanted to get something fun for her and also something that didn't have too small pieces in case they were left on the floor with baby crawling around.

Having scanned around a few websites, I came across WOW Toys and their wonderful activity toys that need no batteries. Push power alone does the trick!

I ordered Katie's Camper Holiday Friends to start with. I really wasn't sure whether this would be a great toy or something that would fall apart/break within a few minutes but it certainly looked sound. As soon as it arrived, I realised it was a good choice. My toddler loved it!

The van itself has a push along motor so you're not constantly looking for batteries (although I do have a drawer full of them as they always all run out at once don't they). It took her a while to get used to the fact that she could push it once and it would go along on its own so it used to whine and wail around the lounge and hall with her pushing it along but she soon cottoned on. This toy gives you two little units to play with, which conveniently 'clip' together with a magnetised hooking mechanism. I'm pleased to say they stay connected well, unless they are taken on a mountain ride over some very fluffy cushions ;-) The van opens in numerous places, including from the roof giving your child acces too the neat little inside area.

It comes with 2 characters, a dog, luggage and some picnic items. There is a trailer with a removeable tent part on top which altogether makes for real value for money.

The only downside to this toy is that it is not compatible with trying to view anything on the TV at the same time in the same room. Yes, it's a bit noisy when it motors along but other than that, it's a great toy.

So, as you can imagine, we decided to order another one of WOW's lovely toys. This time we got our toddler Poppy's Pony Adventure. The 2 characters, again, are a nice size for small hands. The roof of the car opens to fit your rider/driver in and the horse box opens at the back to fit the 2 horses in. The grass and hay are carried on the roof. The people can also sit on (well, in really) the horses so they can gallop off for their own adventures - often being put into my husband's motorcycle boots!

Having two sets now, my toddler can mix and match the characters and has hours of fun with her imaginary journeys around the lounge and dining room.

The characters are a reasonable size so that I'm not constantly panicking that our baby, the speed crawler, has eaten them but our little girl is very careful about putting them away and does enjoy playing with them out of reach. However, I will say that the little car has been given a serious baby bashing and remained intact and working fine so that's a serious endorsement (and we don't call our baby 'bash' for nothing you know!).

The photo shows most of the bits of the two toys. Unfortunately my toddler refused to part with a few other bits that she was playing with (they were now in a Lego Duplo house) ;-)


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