Evil Dummys and Big Sister's Bed

For a little while now we have been considering how to part toddler from her dummy - or 'bubby' as it was known. I'd tried making holes in it (as one website suggested) which meant it didn't remain inflated when she sucked but I don't think she even noticed.

We had managed to 'lose' the one that we had carried around in my bag. When I say bag, what I really mean is miniature suitcase. Smaller in size than a real one but with about the weight allowance most planes give you to the max. Come on, you know how much you need for a baby and toddler every time you go out! So, to lose a dummy in there was not hard ;-) Toddler was very good about that one going.

A few weeks later, the fairy arrived and took the one she had in her car seat too. The fairy left a Gruffalo in its place as I...sorry, the fairy....knew she wanted one of those having seen the cartoon of it. The fairy was a little disorganised though and the Amazon delivery took slightly longer than planned. Fairies are very modern now you know ;-)

We started to talk about her final dummy going. She is coming up 3 and has started nursery so we began to chat about ways the fairy might take her final 'bubby'. Sometimes, apparently, they take them for fairy babies; other times for human babies that don't have one. Toddler wanted to give hers to Rudolph at Christmas! This is not one of the more traditional ways I've heard of disposing of a dummy but hey, we could go with it.

As it turned out, the cold-sore fairy arrived yesterday morning and it was a stonker :( Toddler immediately blamed 'bubby' and marched downstairs and threw him (yes, it was a him) in the bin. Gone. Just like that. I contemplated fishing it out, sterilising it and keeping it in case of emergency but opted to leave it in the bin as, let's face it, she was the one who threw it out.

Bedtime came and I began to wonder if she'd get through this bit. Bedtime was the only time she had this dummy and it really was a comforter for her. She wasn't bothered. Off she went to bed but then stopped and asked where it was. "You threw him away as he hurt your mouth" said I. "Yes, nasty bubby" she said and got into bed. YIPPEE!!!!

She snuggled down and started to go to sleep when disaster struck. A neighbour's dog barked. Now, this is no yapping dog. It is a big, old labrador that does the occasional 'woof' in its back garden and then is silent again for another 3 weeks. Unfortunately, tonight it decided to bark about 3 times in an hour. She was in pieces. This is mostly to do with an unfortunate incident in Spain with barking dogs all around our villa and one slamming itself, growling, into a gate when we went past. It made me jump and she was absolutely terrified. She hates dogs now (her words). So, poor old doggie had her falling to bits and screaming in her room. This, in turn, woke her baby sister who also screamed the place down. On the 3rd race to the bedroom, I decided on an option to try as she was also without her comfort you will recall.

"Would you like to sleep in your big sisters' room?" I said. "YES" came the reply. What a special treat that was. Not only in big sisters' room but also in her bed, under her duvet and on her pillow. Within 15 minutes she was asleep :) YIPPEE again.

Today we, not the hopeless dummy fairy, took her into town and bought her a special little present for being a big girl and throwing her dummy away. One happy camper is now playing at home.

Tonight we have said she can have one more sleep in her big sisters' room and she is really excited about going to bed. See, big sisters can have some uses ;-)


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