Fisher Price Booster Seats Review

As most people do, when we had our baby a few years ago, we went out and bought a highchair at the point I decided I would start weaning. We had a look around and settled on a fairly cheap one as we had already made our minds up that we would get booster seats when our baby was old enough as they seemed more practical. If invading armies had to get past a barrier of the highchairs we purchased, they would have given up and gone home. We bear the stubbed toes and bruises to show how aggressive our highchair was ;-)

Two months after buying it, we bought our first Fisher Price booster seat and wished we'd never bothered with the highchair in the first place!

Our first seat is the Fisher Price Healthy Care Booster Seat. This seat fixes to a normal dining chair with a strap underneath and another that goes around the back of the chair. All adjustable, all very secure :)

The seat has 3 adjustable height settings so it suits most tables and also can be lowered as your child grows. It has a 3 point lap harness which also adjusts. The back of the seat can also be removed for older children (it goes up to 50lbs so will last a while). The seat can be used with or without the tray.

The tray itself consists of a large blue, flat tray; a white insert tray that fits into the blue one which is a little small but has a cup holder built in and a green cover. Again, all designed to fit your growing child. They are all dishwasher safe or, in this house, me safe! ;-) It is ideal also as the large tray can be used for play and my daughter has often been busy playing with some Soft Stuff on it whilst I've had an opportunity to do something exciting like ironing or hoovering (oh, the thrill of it all).

The seat itself is totally portable and you can use the larger strap to carry it over your shoulder. I wouldn't want to walk with it for too long though, as it is a little bulky, even though it's not as heavy as my handbag can be ;-)

With the arrival of our new baby (who is now 9 months old), we decided to use the old highchair for a while (yes, it's still as evil as it was when we first bought it) and then purchased our second Fisher Price booster seat. This time we got the Precious Planet Lion booster seat. As you can imagine, as soon as it arrived, our toddler decided it would be great for her to try it out before her younger sister and said they could "swap" seats. It was a hit!

This seat is a little more simplistic. Again the back, which is a cute orange lion face, can be removed for older children. The tray is a simple, single flat one. There is no height adjustment either. However, it does the job and was priced accordingly.

You can see our two seats in the attached photograph. Doesn't our new one, particularly, look so cute!

If you are limited on space, value your toes and would like portability, then opt for a Fisher Price booster seat as you really won't go wrong :)


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