Thursday, 8 September 2011

Wobbling on furniture

That's not me. I've not been at the cooking sherry again, honest.

Baby has discovered her feet. Well, to be more precise, her legs. This means that a whole new world has opened up to her. Clearly, this also means I now have to check everything that is in arms' reach. Now even putting a glass onto the table is going to be a calculated event whereby I have to place said glass as follows:

arms reach +1 inch = glass safe
glass safe = arms reach -1 inch on opposite site
up +24 inches = glass safe

This morning I had to put a gate on the stairs as she’d decided this was an excellent place to practice standing up. All well and good whilst I was with her but I was sure that by this afternoon she would be attempting her very own Everest. I could see it in her eyes.

We have already had to tuck the tablecloth up pretty much into a pile on the table as she could reach it when crawling. It looked more like that mound that Richard Dreyfuss built in Close Encounters than anything you could eat off.

Oh heck, I’ve just realised I didn’t take the mobile bit off her mobile (did that make sense?). I’d better go and do that now as I can imagine her hanging off monkey’s tail swinging around with it like a wrestler on WWF smackdown! I bet she’s even got a tiny chair in the cot in case she gets monkey into the ring with her ;-)

Now, where is my screwdriver....