Wooden toys that last

When I had my first baby (she is almost 13 - where did the time go?) we decided we wanted to get some toys that lasted and looked for wooden toys. There is something special about a lovely piece of wood made into a cute toy.

Our first toy was given to her when she was about a year old by my sister. She purchased a lovely trike in striking colours. It was identical to the one shown here from The Wooden Toy Shop. She loved it and I am delighted to say that, 12 years later, it is still going strong and still being sold in the same colours!

When she was around 5 years old, we decided to invest in a dolls house for her and again chose a wooden one.

It was quite expensive to buy with the original base unit costing around £50 as I recall and we added to it over a few years with Christmas and birthdays. I would estimate that it has cost us well in excess of £250 all told but what a great investment!

She still has it in her room and occasionally (when she thinks we aren't looking) plays with it :)

We originally purchased it from the Early Learning Centre and I believe the make is Pintoy. I see that they still have them on the Wooden Toy Shop site but now the pieces are coloured whereas hers are purely a light wood. She has just about every accessory including multiple families, pets, garden shed, balcony, garden furniture, childrens rooms, duck pond, etc. It is now being used by her younger sister who is just coming up 3 and is well loved. Here's a picture of it on the left. I can see it being handed down to her siblings if she doesn't decide to keep it herself.

We have wooden blocks, hammer sets, push along cats and rolling balls with pop out faces. Yes we love wooden toys :)

The latest addition to our wooden collection was bought by my sister from the Wooden Toy Shop for our baby. We have just put it together and you will see it's a gorgeous, brightly coloured rocking horse.

It is ideal for her as she can just about sit in it now (8 months old) and when she is a bit bigger, the support rail comes off and she can get on and off when she likes. Of course, the toddler has also managed to get into it and rock around the room!

If you are looking to buy toys that are colourful and built to last, I would highly recommend you invest in some wooden toys. They will be played with for years to come (as the dolls house proves), are sturdy and well worth the extra cash.


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