Choo-choo, mind the bump

It was our little girls' 3rd birthday yesterday and I'm pleased to say she had a fab day.

Despite the fact that she told her nursery school teacher the day before, that she would not be in the following day as it was her birthday (nice try!) she did indeed go to school and have a lovely morning being the centre of attention and having 'Happy Birthday' sung to her (I hear she sings "Happy birthday to me") :) She wasn't too wired either considering she'd only had a piece of birthday cake for breakfast. Hey, it's only one day a year!

We decided to opt for a train set for our main present for her and as she likes Chuggington, well, it was an easy choice :) The 'Over & Under Starter Set' was the one we went for.

The set is the wooden variety (you'll recall we do love a wooden toy in this household) and we got a bit of extra track for Christmas but ended up giving it to her as the actual set wasn't as big as it looked on the box! Where do these companies get their cameras from? I could make our back garden look like Windsor Park with the lenses they must use ;-)

We bought some extra trains and carriages too and she even has one that plays the Chuggington tune (well done Toys R Us for '3 for 2' on Chuggington extras). The only issue with it is that the trains cannot get down the ramp themselves without falling off at the end. The slope is too steep and doesn't connect with the track well enough to avoid a 'bump' that sends the train and carriages hurtling across the carpet. OK, possibly not 'hurtling' but falling over on their sides for sure! I think someone did this on a drawing board without testing it out :( Not a problem for our girl though as she likes to manually push the trains around the track so never actually lets go of them (unlike mummy and daddy who shove them along).

To say it was the best choice of present would be an understatement. She played with it almost continuously yesterday, making new tracks up and lots of stories about what the trains were doing, and went straight into the dining room at 6am this morning to continue her play. The minor glitch to all of this is her little sister is now staring at the set from behind a tightly shut baby gate as she's not allowed in I'm told.

As you can imagine, we are going to 'top up' the set at Christmas with some extra bits like a station and some junctions. I am beginning to wonder who likes this more - her or us! :)


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