A few tips to make life with baby a little easier

When baby is ready for formula milk, particularly for night feeds, make up some bottles in advance with just the water in them and put the formula powder into some appropriate container (I use Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature bottles and their formula pots that fit neatly inside) and take up to bed with you. When baby wakes, just add powder to water and feed. Saves all that messing around in the middle of the night boiling kettles, cooling bottle down, etc. Of course, you need to ensure your little one likes cold milk! Think about it, when you go out, you do this so why not do it at home?

If your baby prefers warm milk, make up bottles as suggested to 6oz then when they need a feed, boil a kettle with a little fresh water and add 1oz of hot water to the bottle with the formula powder. 7oz of instant warm milk without the fiddling.

If you have a wiggly baby like my two little ones both were, don’t bother buying lots of cot sheets and blankets. I have an airing cupboard full of them! Invest instead in a Grobag (or similar). Having a 1 tog and a 2.5 tog will ensure (in winter) that baby sleeps well during the day and at night. Remember though to check your tog against your room temperature. In summer you can even get a 0.5 tog for those cooler nights.

This has worked for me and I now have a very healthy, happy 10 month old :)

Any tips you would like to share, I would love to hear them so I can pass them on.


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