Half term colds

Here you are looking forward to a week of not getting up early and having some fun as it's half term. Fair enough, in my case, I am still getting up early but without having to keep an eye on the clock ;-) School holidays are a joy...or are they?

The sniffle started as school closed and we go down with colds. Almost immediately I hasten to add. Every one of us girls in this house has had a runny nose, cough and felt groggy. I've gone to the extreme and decided to have a chest infection. I like to do things one better than the rest of the household you'll understand.

Unfortunately, the weather hasn't been too helpful. We've had such warm weather for the time of year (despite the recent rain) that the bugs and germs just seem to be happily breeding away. You only have to look at your friends' Twitter chat to see that most of us with school age children seem to be down with the lurgy :(

The trouble is that there is nothing you can do for a cold is there. We have stayed in the warm as much as possible but still tried to wrap up and take a few walks as, let's face it, being stuck in for a week is not good for your health! It's just a case of 'riding it out' and hoping it's all gone by next week when school starts again.

I did want to venture into town to do a few things but decided to try and do them online instead (such as ordering photographs). May I suggest to anyone with a fuzzy, coldy head to avoid any online activity involving money because your brain cannot cope with the simplest of functions at a PC when most of it is running out of your nose. I can confirm this categorically by the fact that I wanted some photos printed so (a) uploaded them to the wrong site then (b) uploaded them to the correct site but didn't read how much the postage would be so (c) could have stayed with the original site I uploaded them to and not wasted another 3.5 hours (yes, it took that long to upload 275 photos!) to then decide I will just go to Boots and get them done next time I'm out!

One good thing is that half term coincided with 3 year old's birthday as at least that means she has some new and exciting toys to play with whilst we are stuck indoors and littlest one has new things to chew and wipe her runny nose on ;-)


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