Inch Blue just for you

I don't know about you, but finding shoes that (a) fit and (b) stay on for a speedy crawler about the house is a total nightmare.

You need shoes that you can undo enough to get little, often curled up, feet into and then comes the problem that your little one can undo velcro. Mine enjoys taking her shoes off at the most random of moments, often throwing them away as you turn to say "Look at the ducks" and you only realise she's deposited them on the pavement once you run them over with the pushchair! I've not lost any yet, but it's been close.

I don't want to buy Clarks crawler shoes as I prefer my girls to not have 'hard' shoes until they are walking. Call me odd, but I like them to stretch their toes and feel the ground beneath their feet when they are tiny.

I would like to share with you a little revelation in shoes for babies and toddlers that I have stumbled across. When I say that "I" stumbled across them, what I mean is that a friend very kindly bought them for my 10 month old and I finally put them on her yesterday and thought WOW, these are fantastic. As I put them on her again today for our outing, I threw her other shoes away! :)

The shoes are by Inch Blue and the ones we have are called Little Cupcake. You can just see them in the picture of her to the right but I've 'borrowed' a lovely photo directly from the site for you to see them in all their glory at the top of the page (I hope they won't mind!) ;-)

The great thing about these little shoes is that they are made of very soft leather, with a non-slip suede sole, so little feet can move in them, breathe and feel the ground. I also keep sniffing them as they smell absolutely gorgeous. Thankfully she doesn't have her father's feet ;-)

The shoes are made with elastic at the ankles so that you can open them up enough to get feet in, but they then close over nicely so that they aren't easily pulled off.

The designs are beautiful and you will probably have a very hard choice deciding what you want to buy for your little princess or pirate :) They are all hand crafted too so no mass production here which makes them extra special. They aren't cheap but then again, nor are many other purpose made shoes for little ones but the quality and ethics behind Inch Blue make them stand out.

You can buy shoes for children up to 6 years old and there is even a range of cute little boots too.

I know for certain I will be making at least one purchase for Christmas :)


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