Phineas and Ferb: Across the 2nd Dimension (Wii) Review

We have been lucky enough to receive this game to review. The tween was excited to get it as she is a Phineas and Ferb fan and enjoys the TV show.

The game is true to the cartoon and all the characters from the show appear with some super graphics. The style is a puzzle/platform one spread over 6 different worlds and 25 levels. The player controls 2 characters which can be swapped around mid play. There are 10 characters in all to choose from. Of course, it is better to play with another person but the AI is excellent at controlling the other character so you are not limited to needing a companion.

The weapons are of the non-lethal type such as a carbonator, anti-gravity gun and baseball gun. Aiming is almost not necessary as the game seems to select enemies for you if you vaguely point in the right direction. Also, the enemies that there are, don’t exactly rush you. I have probably seen faster road-rollers ;-) Even if, heaven forbid, you did get caught by an enemy, there are so many health packs that you would be hard pressed to ‘die’ even if you wanted to.

You encounter a boss at the end of each world but these fights are very easy to deal with. In actual fact, the bosses moves are very predictable. There are also two mini-games enabling you to unlock additional features.

The controls for jumping can be a little off which surprised me. This didn't prove to be a problem for either of our game testers though as they compensated very quickly.

We did appreciate that the game is a 7+ in age group, so suspected it would be relatively easy for the tween to complete. However, we didn’t expect that she would have it completed in 4 hours from start to finish!

We decided to employ a nephew to have a go too as he was the target age group. He completed the game in just under 6 hours (not in one sitting I hasten to add!) without dying once, so this proved to me that it really is over simplistic.

I think that Disney have missed the fact that children, even as young as 7, are quite competent gamers nowadays and need a little more of a challenge. I suspect that a 3+ rating would be more appropriate.

At £17.99 on Amazon for the Wii version of the game, I would be rather annoyed if I had paid that and had my children asking what could they do next after a few hours. It’s probably worth a look at as a daily rental but not more than that.

Opinions expressed here are, of course, all my own.


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