Tormenting toddler and free baby

My 3 year old has decided that the best game is saying "No!" very loudly to her little sister who is 9 months old. As you can imagine, this is occasionally ending in tears (not mine for a change!).

The most common torment the toddler has thought of is holding her little sis by the forehead and not letting her get to things she wants, often accompanied by "but it's mine mummy and she cannot have it". Oh dear.

Yesterday, I was watching the news and was vaguely aware of this funny noise beside me that had been going on quite a few minutes. Now, if you have children you will realise how quickly you can 'zone out' of the noise and commotion around you when you're surrounded by it all day! Suddenly, little one started to cry. I then looked around (they were beside me by the sofa) and realised why. Toddler had her balloon on a stick and was repeatedly hitting her sister on the head with it, which she found great fun. I had to tell her off a bit but also try and keep myself from laughing. It just goes to show how much of the frantic nature of our household washes over me! ;-)

Another new thing that toddler does is remove her sisters hands from the coffee table when she is trying to stand up or reach for something. Yep, you can pretty much hear the 'splat' already can't you.

Yesterday toddler asked daddy why he had to go to work and couldn't just stay at home and play with her. He said we needed money for things like food and clothes and that's why he was at work. She replied that he, mummy and her needed money but her baby sister did not as babies were not allowed money. So, that's one less person he needs to worry about providing for then. If only we'd known ;-)

On the bright side, at least toddler has stopped asking us to 'throw her away' or 'hide her somewhere you can't find her again' when referring to her little sis :)


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