Christmas music and opening pockets?

Hooray! It's the 1st December and I'm officially allowed to play my Christmas music CD now. I say 'allowed' as my hubby says it's banned from the house at any other time. I have until 31st December to listen to it. Trust me, I can make him rue the day he said I could only play it for one month as he'll be hearing it an awful lot ;-)

I'm getting excited about Christmas again this year. My 3 year old has had her first present from her advent calendar and I have to keep explaining to her why she can't have all of them. This could be a long month from that point of view. Her calendar is not exactly opening doors, more pulling things from pockets as it's a teddy bear shaped hanging calendar. I do like these but I have to confess my measurements were a little out when buying some things as I was absolutely sure the pockets were bigger. Oh well, she will have some extra bits in her stocking after all.

It's also great that Christmas is coming as said 3 year old has been having some paddys of late. The way to get them under control quickly is the quick response of "Santa is watching and if you don't behave, you won't get any presents" *evil grin* So far it's kind of working. I can't say completely working as there are some paddys that require a bit more effort on my part - even so far as threatening the Easter Bunny won't arrive either!

The Christmas tree will arrive next week. I've bought a new bauble for the girls and I'm wondering what the 11 month old will make of it. Hubby is putting up the normal hook on the ceiling that we will attach the top of the tree too via a piece of string - you can guess why!

It's the 3 year old's first ever Christmas play and we're off to see it at her nursery next week. She's a star. Yes, in every sense of the word :) Of course we have bought the over-priced DVD of the production in order to see her for the last 30 seconds of the play. What else would you expect?

Right, away I go to listen to "Don't stop the cavalry" again....


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