My hat...or not as it were

Why do I do it? I actually *believed* the weather forecast today when they said it would rain all day.

We had run out of bread and I fancied something other than eggs or beans on toast for lunch so decided to bite the bullet and nip quickly to our local Waitrose. Girls dressed, bundled up into their rain coats and into the car.

I put on my boots, not-rain coat (it's supposed to be but M&S clearly lied in the labelling and it's barely mild shower proof!) and no hat. Why no hat you ask? Well, hubby has bought me the loveliest Barber style hat (as you can see in the picture) for the winter for my birthday. My birthday is on Sunday. Today is Friday. Hence, no hat.

Now, realistically, I could have fetched my present down from atop the wardrobe and worn it. After all, I did buy it and may end up wrapping it. OK, so I won't wrap it as it's hardly a surprise. Hubby would have thought me sensible to wear my hat as it was tipping down with rain but I decided as I have not been 'formally' given it, I'll wait.

We arrived at the shop and I jumped out to try and erect the pushchair and get the rain cover onto it before it was too wet to put baby in. In the 2 minutes or so it took me to do this, I was soaked, yet again cursing my silly non-rain coat and chastising myself over my lack of brain cells to get the darn hat down from upstairs. Next I got the 3 year old out of the car and decided at that point I was unlikely to get any wetter. "Mummy, why don't you have a hood on your coat" she asks. Sensible question. "Because it's a silly coat" I reply. Sensible answer.

Shopping done with new 'drowned rat' hairdo and I'm about to brave the torrent when it stops, the sun comes out and that's it. Up until now (about 1pm) it's rained a minor shower and since then nothing, nada, zilch.

So, I chose the exact 10 minutes it was like a tropical storm (without the heat) to hit the shops. Never again will I believe the weather man. The bread can wait until the sun comes out next time! I only hope it's pouring on Sunday as I'll have a smashing, waterproof hat to wear then so my hair will be lovely and dry. Unfortunately, my body won't so I may ask hubby for a matching coat for Christmas.


  1. Sorry you had a bad time - but very glam hat (and good luck with getting the new coat!)... I have a very unsexy waterproof jacket with even less sexy hood to wear to do the school run!

  2. Happy birthday for Sunday. Least next time you will have your hat.

  3. Thank you for your lovely comments. Hat was ready yesterday but no rain :)


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