Natural & Clean Product Review

We were recently sent a selection of Natural & Clean's products for cleaning up after baby to try out. Natural & Clean offer environmentally friendly cleaning solutions for household and travel utilising (where possible) only 100% recycled, biodegradable products.

Our selection was aimed at babies and young children. It consisted of The Essential Baby Clean Up Kit (£10.99) which included absorbent granules that encapsulate the spillage to form a gel which can be scraped away with the card scraper provided; Spot Remover Wipes that are Woolsafe approved and remove any remaining marks from the spill; microbial spray deodoriser eliminates any lingering odours by neutralising them at their source and an anti-bacterial hand gel will disinfect and sanitise your hands. Our kit also included two large, yellow ‘clinical waste’ bags and a set of plastic gloves. We also received a large Bin Deodoriser (£3.99); Handy Spot Remover Wipes (£3.43) and Whoops-a-Daisy granules (£4.99).

At first glance, I did think that this was more suited to animals than children and could really see the benefit of some of the products for animal spills and messes. However, with an open mind, I decided to try out the products bearing in mind my own two little ones.

One of the first things I tried were the Spot Remover Wipes which come in a pack of 25. Being someone who usually reaches for a baby wipe when something hits the carpet, these were a good alternative. They managed to remove a fairly ground in mark on my dining room carpet with ease, despite not feeling at all ‘wet’ which you would expect. It took a little rubbing but nothing more than I would do with the aforesaid baby wipes. No odour afterwards and a clean spot of carpet (I will have to move furniture more often to see what’s appeared beneath it!). The wipes are a nice size but not overly large. One did this job well so overall I was pleased. However, if I am totally honest, I would not spend £3.43 on a pack of 25 wipes when I can buy Sainsburys own baby wipes quad pack at £3.80 for 320 wipes. They achieve exactly the same result but you may need two wipes to do it (yes, you probably read my article on baby wipes not just being for baby!).

The next product to try was the Bin Deodoriser which I really did like. The smell was not too strong and overpowering as some of these products can be it is both solvent and phosphate free. Just a few sprays and my swing bin was smelling sweet again. I would definitely buy this product again although I would not waste it on my wheelie bin!

The Essential Baby Clean Up Kit was something I decided to leave to try for an ‘out and about’ adventure. It has a nice fastening top and fits neatly under the pushchair or even in your carry bag (let’s face it, one more thing in baby’s bag isn’t going to matter a jot!). As some of you may know, as a family we go Geocaching quite a bit so having things like hand gel comes in quite, well, handy! Taking a baby and toddler caching can also mean potty stops and nappy changes so having a few appropriate bags is essential kit. I would not, however, user a huge, yellow ‘clinical waste’ bag for a nappy or potty liner. Also, I do wonder what a Local Authority would think of one of those placed into a litter bin? I am sure it would raise alarm bells for them as surely they would wonder what on earth was in it? A few ‘nappy bags’ would have been ideal as that’s what we currently use and we dispose of them either at home or, if we’re on a long walk, in a ‘doggy bin’ (let’s face it, nothing can be worse than dog poo so a little wet nappy probably fragrances those bins!). However, the clinical bag doesn’t appear to be part of the kit as detailed on Natural & Clean’s website so I am unsure as to why it ended up in ours.

The idea of the granules is good for keeping in the car. Having had my eldest be violently sick in the back once, I could have killed for something to absorb it better than all the tissues I had in my handbag. The deodoriser would have also been most welcome to save us freezing with the windows open all the way home. The spot remover would have failed on our vomit attack as I had to actually throw her booster seat away – yep, that was how bad it was.

The plastic gloves are an extra that isn’t worth including in a baby kit (yes for an animal one though) as any parent who can’t deal with wee/poo/vomit may as well give up with their children! The scraper could be useful in the case of a vomit attack but, again, more for a pet kit I suspect.

Overall there are some nice bits in the kit but a number of things I would change to make it more suitable for babies/small children. It did seem to me that the kit was essentially a pet one that had been slightly modified. As to whether I would pay £10.99 for it, I’m sorry but no, it's not for me at that cost. However, for people who are looking for a more environmentally friendly alternative, it may be just the thing.

If you are interested in the products mentioned or would like to find out more, you can follow Natural & Clean on Twitter or Facebook.

Update 3rd November - Unfortunately last night my 3 year old was violently sick. We therefore got a chance to try some of the other products. The granules were excellent at absorbing the sick on the bedroom carpet, the spot remover wipes helped clean up the mattress and had a pleasant smell and absorbtion to them and the spray deodoriser made the room fresh again with just a few little sprays. Overall, I was very, very pleased with the quality of these products as there is nothing worse than a room that smells of vomit. This morning, you would not know that she had been ill in the room.


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