Pass the bucket

We've all been ill. Well, everyone except baby who managed to avoid it, thank goodness!

It started last Wednesday. Toddler came home from school and was fine but slightly off her food and said she had a bit of a tummy ache. Calpol administered and I thought no more about it. She had some chilli for her dinner (which she loves) and then off to bed a bit later.

She wanted to sleep in her big sister's room as she had a bit of a cough (we've had this for about a week too), so off she went to bed. About 20 minutes later I heard a strange noise, followed by crying. I ran upstairs with hubby in hot pursuit and found toddler vomiting all over the duvet and herself. Poor little mite :( She was in a terrible state as she's never been sick before and couldn't understand what was happening. I gave her a cuddle and calmed her down and once she was done, hubby proceeded to clear up which involved rinsing everything in the bath. Yep, it was that nasty.

I instantly thought that perhaps there was something wrong with the mince I'd used in the chilli that I had made so once she was settled down back in her bedroom, I threw the whole batch away. Jez, had I given my baby girl food poisoning? I felt awful.

About 10 minutes later I was just going upstairs when the noise went again and she was being sick. I'd brought up a bin at that point so caught most of it but decided she wasn't going to be in her room that night so moved her mattress into our room and settled her there. I decided to stay with her and she feel asleep almost immediately. Hubby cleared up in her room (her little sister cried briefly whilst she was sick but went straight back to sleep).

The following day she had terrible diarrhoea so I was convinced then that it was something she had eaten. What sort of mummy was I that I had made my poor little girl so ill with my cooking :(

By the Friday she still ate almost nothing but was a bit brighter in herself but her tummy was still upset. We went off to collect her big sister from school in the afternoon and then headed home. All was well on the journey and we got home and I got dinner ready for toddler and her baby sister, and then said to my eldest that I felt a little bit sick. Perhaps I was just hungry?

Little ones in bed and I did dinner for teen and I. I had a few mouthfuls and felt awful. Sorry teen, have to leave you and go to bed, I feel very sick all of a sudden. Hubby home an hour later and he popped up to see me just as the sickness came to a peak. "Hello sweetie, how are you?" EUGHHHHHHH came the response as I was sick. Wave upon wave. I clearly was not my cooking and my chilli then as I'd had none of this. We were down with a bug!

Hubby was cleaner for the night again and eventually I went to sleep. Same upset tum the following morning as toddler had. Boy, this was rough. I slept nearly the whole day.

Sunday came and it was my birthday. Not much celebrating as you can imagine but I did feel a little better. Teen had felt unwell all day and had been sick but wasn't quite as bad as us. Hubby began to feel sick suddenly in the evening. Yep, 4 down. Only our 10 month old had escaped this - so far.

Monday came and hubby also had the upset tum from hell. Boy, this was some week coming up.

We were scared that baby would go down with the bug - which turned out to be Winter Vomiting Disease - so we sterilsed everything for her, not just bottles but spoons, bowls, etc.

A week after toddler first started, we're all through it but it's literally taken us one by one. It was fortunate that each adult got better before the next came down with it! At least we could look after each other :)

Baby didn't get it. We are pleased about that. My faith in my cooking is restored but I doubt that toddler will want chilli again for a while.


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