Happy Feet 2 for PS3 Review

Happy Feet Two is a 3D musical adventure game about dancing penguins. No, I haven't gone mad, you'll need to see the original movie to understand what I am talking about.

This is very much a family adventure where the penguins have to work and dance together to save themselves from extinction.

Players use dance moves to gather penguins with unique abilities that help you advance through the levels. You collect dancing musical notes and there are special areas you also have to dance on to collect bonus notes. To open the end of the level, you need a certain amount of penguins , illustrated by a penguin with a number, so have to collect the right number from your surroundings. Some penguins also need you to be a larger group before they will join you.

In order to collect some followers, you also need to be quite precise in your dance moves as they have a circular 'clock' above their heads which only fills if you dance on the beat. This would make the game a little complicated for younger players.

You can smash your way through ice steps and structures by performing coordinated dance moves and stomps. You can even clap along as you go.

You can choose your levels music and there are lots of tunes to unlock.

My 3 year old had a go at the game and whilst she mostly moved around in circles, she did love the stomping and clapping and had a little group of penguins doing this much to her amusement. However, the controls are too complicated for her. Our 8 year old nephew was brought in to try it and whilst he found the controls fine to use, the game became too repetitive for him to want to do more than a few levels.

The game retails at around £30 for the PS3 version but I am unsure of the rating as looking at stores who are pre-ordering it, it appears to be either a 3+ or 7 depending on the platform, which is really confusing.

Overall, not a game for us due to its repetitive nature even for younger players.


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