It's a mad house out there!

It's all go isn't it. It's this mad time of year when, for some bizarre reason, you go on a mental run-up to Christmas by fitting in an absurd amount of visiting/shopping/baking. Oh yeah, I know, we love it though :)

Ballet finished last weekend with grandma and grandad coming along to watch. I can see why they don't like parents/rellies in any other time. Talk about distracted children waving and shouting "Grandma" or "Daddy look at me". The teacher is a wonderfully patient lady but even she was starting to roll her eyes.

It's my baby girls 1st birthday this weekend so she's not really so much of a baby anymore then is she? We've got some lovely things for her including some new Inch Blue shoes (they were on the Amazon Wish List and they've now been bought by someone - yippee!) and a little Steiff teddy in pyjamas (something nice to keep for years to come I hope).

The 3 year old is baking mad so we've been making cakes almost incessently since her Nursery Christmas party. I'm going to need a serious diet in January to remove excess cake-age spread ;-) I blame CBeebies myself as she's always singing "I can cook" whilst mixing the ingredients. Having said that, she now knows what makes a cake and tells me the things we need for it and in which order. I'm glad she's not moved on to a full roast dinner yet as I'm not sure I could eat more than one of those a week!

I attempted our local shopping centre last week and was pleased I arrived as it opened at 9.30am. On a side note, why does our centre open 'late' compared to everywhere else? Anyway, my pushchair set off the alarms in every shop - 6 times in Debenhams which is our record to date as they have an alarm thing by the lift - and noone took a blind bit of notice. I don't bother to stop if the alarms go off now. I used to hovver by the doors in case anyone wanted to check my receipt, now I just keep on walking. Seems pretty pointless to have these things if you ignore them. Hey, that's the shops problem, not mine - I'm a legitimate shopper!

The tree has been up for a few weeks and we have had to rearrange the lounge to stop littlest from destroying it and all the presents underneath. It's like an obstacle course during the day to reach the curtains or put a drink down somewhere. The tree is barricaded behind a coffee table and an armchair - each item close enough to the next so that she can't crawl between them or cruise around them. Every day at 6am I move the stuff around like a giant slot puzzle then when she's in bed at 5pm, it goes back to a normal looking lounge. I wouldn't have it any other way though.

Today I went to the Post Office to send off a small parcel to my sister. Yes, I can hear you shouting that I must be bonkers to attempt a Post Office at this time of year. It was only out of total necessity that I went, believe me. Said parcel would not fit into the letterbox (no matter which way I tested it out) so I had to go there. I was also a little unsure as to whether my kitchen scales told me the truth when it came to postal weights. Oddly they are perfect with ingredients and yet, on more than one occasion, I've weighed something at home to get an idea of price and once at the Post Office counter, it's far more than I worked it out to be. Honest, I'm not daft. No really. Anyway, I hit the local supermarket just before 9am in order to get into the the Post Office pretty much on the button of 9. I walked in to a queue of around 7 people in front of me, most with bags of brown parcels. Two went very quickly having just required a stamp (yes, they are clearly daft as brushes) but it took me some 30 minutes to get to the counter to post my one little parcel. I was not impressed. Why? Well, they only had one person serving!! Who in hells name decides on the run up to Christmas, with final posting dates upon us, that 1 person would suffice. I counted the people in the queue - 25 including me. Everyone was looking at eachother and the grumbles soon began. It was clear for all to see that this was going to be a long wait. Most annoying of all, the shop counter staff were clearly not Post Office trained as two ladies were chatting away to eachother behind their counter and another gent was off for his tea break. Ridiculous to say the least. I would say the lady behind the counter was a bit miserable due to the volume of people waiting and being on her own but I've seen her lots of times and she have never looked happy, smiled or rarely even said please or thank you, so I know it's her normal demeanour. Next please....

Next week I will attempt Sainsburys. Hubby said he'd come too. I don't know if he thinks it's a fun day out of something but I can assure him it is not. Mind you, we'll probably need two trolleys by the time I have stocked up on beer/wine/toilet rolls/nappies/wipes as they take a whole one all to themselves!

Right, cakes must be cool by now so I'm off to assist in icing them - that's if I'm allowed :)


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