Supermarket shopping with the cleaners

Yes, I did it. I was the one! Our local Sainsburys has opened at 6am this week and at 6.15am on Tuesday, I was in there, armed with a trolley and doing my monthly/Christmas shop. I can hear your brain ticking away thinking what kind of nut goes shopping at 6am (or thereabouts)? Me, the kind of nut who won't queue with 10 other people per till all with laden trolleys. Ah-ha! Not looking at me like I'm crazy now are you ;-)

It was wonderful. My girls normally get me up somewhere from 5am onwards so it wasn't a hardship. Hubby sorted breakfasts whilst I jumped in the car and headed off. The car park was more or less desolate when I arrived - I'm sure I may have even spotted some tumbleweed - and off I went.

It was me, the pickers collecting peoples' orders and the cleaners. Brilliant! By 7am there were a few more of us milling around (I was halfway round at that point) and I did hear one worker in an aisle saying that due to customers taking things off the shelves, the presentation was not looking nice in the aisles. I had to chuckle.

By 7.45am when I was ready to check out, I could hardly push the trolley (no, the pictures is not the actual trolley). The self-scan wasn't working that morning so I had to revert to that old fashioned element of taking the items out of the trolley, putting them onto the conveyor belt and loading the other end. As it was quiet and I had the biggest trolley full in town (!) I had a lady help me unpack whilst I packed up at the other end into 2 - yep, count them - 2 big trolleys. Somehow once in bags I could not fit as much into the one trolley. The nice young man who was serving me was about to move to a different till so he pushed my second trolley to the car before he headed off :) Lovely.

Thankfully I had emptied the boot before I set off as I needed that, the seats and footwells to get everything in. Yep, it really was a *big* shop but not a tin of Quality Street in sight.

Tomorrow I am sending hubby to our local Waitrose to pick up the things I forgot....


  1. Blimey! Go you! I had a fleeting thought that I might get to Sainos for about 7am this morning, but when push came to shove, my duvet was way more inviting. We got there at midday and it was HEAVING!

    (found you via blow your own blog horn, btw!)


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