Wrapping paper and crackers

Don't you just love Christmas with children?

Our 3 year old was so excited on Christmas Eve. She had opened the last present in the pocket of her advent calendar and knew tomorrow was Christmas Day. That evening, having checked at least 100 times during the day that Santa would come, but also being quite concerned about a strange man coming into her room - rightly so (we told her Santa was magic and didn't actually come in) - she went to bed having left some Port and a cookie for Santa, and a carrot for Rudolph. Daddy was being Santa....guess who had the carrot to chew?

The big day arrived and I heard a little voice at 6.30am saying "Is it Christmas today mummy?" so I went to the girls room and said it was. She looked so crestfallen saying Santa had not come, until I put the light on and she saw the stockings! Little eyes lit up. Brilliant.

We headed downstairs and it took 2 1/2 hours to open the presents as each toy had to be played with for a while before the next was open. That was magical for us as their parents to see the little faces so excited about a new toy or teddy :) Of course 3 year old 'assisted' 1 year old in opening ALL of her presents too! That's what big sisters are for isn't it? So, 4 bin bags of paper/cardboard/plastic and the need for wire cutters 5 times and 1 set of batteries later, everything was opened and being investigated further.

Much playing went on during the day and late afternoon dinner was served. Hubby wanted this Christmas dinner to be a sit down, pull the cracker, wear the hat, then eat together type event. There were two hopes of that (and Bob's dead)!

Dinner was ready, 1 year old was screaming blue murder as once she sees the plates come out of the cupboard she wants to eat now...Now....NOW!!! Sat her and 3 year old in their chairs and brought their dinners in. 3 year old tucks straight in, 1 year old demands her food instantly too. Hubby brings in my dinner then goes to get his own. By the time he sits down (I'd forgotten the peas so he had to go fetch them for us all too), the two children are almost halfway through their meals. We stop for a brief cracker experience that little one isn't entirely sure about and anyway, it's interrupting her dinner, and carry on tucking in. Disorganised but nice regardless :)

Chilling in the evening once the girls were in bed with the lounge full of new toys and a dining room full of older ones (can't say old as it was only 1 year old's birthday a week beforehand so those toys are hardly worn out), we put our feet up and smiled. It's been a fantastic, frantic Christmas Day but we wouldn't swap it for the world.

Hope you had a lovely Christmas too :)


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