You baked WHAT?

Today I have been busy baking cakes for my 3 year old's school Christmas party tomorrow afternoon. I volunteered as I do enjoy a bit of baking and the school ask you to make them from scratch to ensure there are no nuts - we are a nut free school. Comments on a postcard please ;-)

Anyway, having made said cakes, I thought I'd be all inventive and rather than just pop some home-made chocolate buttercream icing on top, I'd also cut the tops into little cone shapes and make some butterfly cakes like my mum used to make when I was a child. What a good idea! Now, it has been some significant time since I was a child and watched my mum making cakes but, what the heck, it couldn't be hard could it?

Having cut 4 cakes into said butterfly, I looked at them again. Nope, they did not look like butterflies in the slightest - they looked like surreal vaginas!! I had to get a photo of them. How could I get it so wrong? Fortunately I have more cakes (as you can also see) so the school are now getting simple little fairy cakes with a circle of buttercream icing and some sprinkles on top. I'll eat the other...errrr...anatomy...cakes myself.


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