All those who have an 'E' put your hands up now

Hands up all those of you who have...children with width fitting 'E' feet. (You thought I was talking about something else didn't you, you naughty lot). Come on, hold those hands right up there. No. No-one. I thought as much.

How come every single time I go into Clarks, the only shoes they have in the sale are pretty much 'E' width. I don't know a single friend with children who has ever had feet that narrow - boys and girls!

Today I bought my 1 year old her first pair of walking shoes. Yep, you guessed it, I scanned the lovely sale shoes (I don't care if they were last years styles) and found about 4 pairs in her size. Out came the lady from the back and said no, no, no, they are no good as they are too narrow. Yes, of course they would be. But look, they have lovely, 'Just in for this season' shoes that will fit her width beautifully. Who'd have guessed it?

So, instead of getting away with between £11 - £20 for a first pair of shoes that last - what is it? 6 weeks approx? - I have had to pay £28. Yep, £28! I barely spend that on my own shoes and mine last flippin' years.

Rearrange these words : a barrel over have you they (That sounded just like Yoda didn't it).

So, just some new shoes, trainers and wellies needed for 3 year old now but she's got a month of growth left so I can start to save...


  1. *puts hand up gingerly*

    My daughter has E width feet and I find that getting her shoes is a nightmare... mainly because I hate all the shoes Clarks stock in E fitting.

    Maybe we need to come to your local branch.

  2. Sounds like it Steph LOL We have had to resort to a dept store in Windsor for boots for my 3 year old as nothing in Clarks would fit in terms of width or being able to unzip enough to get her feet in. At £48 a pair, you hope they last!


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