Blossom in December

We headed out on 28th December to do our first multi-cache and chose a short circular walk of approx. 1 mile around Chobham, Surrey. Off we set having parked in a nice, free car park. It was pretty quiet all around which was lovely but there definitely was a chill in the air today which reminded you it was in fact winter.

Having found the first area (nice and obvious), we crossed the busy road to the next location to pick up another number that would make our final coordinates. Of course, being a woman, I know best so totally ignored hubby pointing at a stone saying that this looked like the thing we were needing and marched to the bench to write down the appropriate number from that. Done. Off to the next bit!

Around we went like this exploring a village we had driven through so many times and yet hardly ever stopped in. Some lovely little places out of the way and areas we clearly never knew about.

Heading into the churchyard, we found another number then sat on a bench, watching someone mowing the large field behind the grounds whilst the little ones had a snack. I couldn't help but be amazed to see the beautiful pink blossom out on 28th December (see picture). Talk about mixed up weather.

Snack done and we were off to the next location. Two more numbers collected and I read the clue for the next location. We had sat on it for our lunch! Funnily enough I had read the inscription - which was required for the number - and knew I was right (although we did pop in again just to check on the way back past - remember our first 5*....yeah....).

All coordinate numbers found and I did the little sum needed to find the cache location. Oh dear. I had a minus number and I know that's not allowed. Guess where I had gone wrong? Yep, the 2nd location where hubby was indeed pointing at the right thing. Humble pie was eaten - begrudgingly ;-) New, correct, coordinates in hand and off we went to find the cache.

We arrived near where to it should have been and I realised we were going to need a kayak for this one. Oddly the description never mentioned any special equipment being needed so I rechecked the coordinates. Now, it was chilly and I really should have zoomed in on the map first as once I did that simple task, I spotted we had gone past the place and needed to do a quick double back to get there. A short walk later and the cache was in hand - albeit a very bedragled cache full of water and acorns :( I retrieved a travel bug that had been stuck there for a few months and tidied up the cache best as I could and replaced its lid.

Back to the car and the warm. Our first multi-cache achieved and two children sleeping in the car on the way back home. That's another nice few hours out! :)


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