Caching on War Horse's battlefield

Today we decided that the sun had come out so despite the wind (which was quite bitter), we wanted to go and get a few caches.

Off we headed to Wisley to another area of the More Common ring (image on right). This is a 5 mile walk around the back of RHS Wisley, part of Ockham Common and the Wisley Airfield. The 25 caches are mostly micros (film canisters) with the occasional small size thrown in. All the ones we have found, so far, appear to be very child friendly, ie. easily found by our 3 year old who loves caching :)

We decided this time to start at No. 1 - how unusual - and do as much of the ring as we could in an hour or so. There is plenty of free parking around this area and we headed off.

I was a little confused at first as my updated version of c:geo opensource decided to put my arrow the wrong way around so it looked like I was walking in the wrong direction all the time. It was like one of those Wii puzzle games trying to work it out at first but once my brain caught on, we were off. I also started up the official app - just in case! ;-)

The route took us between fields and up to the old, abandoned Wisley Airfield, used in one of the battle scenes in Steven Spielberg's War Horse film (picture on left). Boy, it was windy in all that open space.

The ring took us through the barriers that mark out the public footpath across the airstrip. It was kind of odd to see these across the runway. Originally the airfield was built by Vickers and used as a flight test airfield for the aircraft built at their nearby Brooklands factory. It closed down in 1972 and is now abandoned.

Having walked around most of the airfield, we decided to call it a day as it was going to get dangerously close to dinner time for our two girls so we headed off and decided to come back another day and carry on. Yes, there is a real danger with hunger and our two. Once the 1 year old's body clock says it's dinner time, there is no stopping the commotion until she eats. Perish the fool who does not have her home by that point ;-)

Partial-ring caching is now our normal course of action with our 3 year old cacher walking with us. She has good legs but asking her to walk 5 miles is a bit much. I, of course, could do it easily....*cough*


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