Can I have a signal please?

It was my husband's birthday yesterday and we decided to treat ourselves. We organised our lovely friend to babysit for a few hours and decided to have some adult time. What did we decide to do? You may well ask. Not a romantic lunch for two or a relaxing drink at the pub. Oh no, not for us. We decided to go geocaching ON OUR OWN! Radical huh?

Most of the time (well, almost all to be fair) when we are out caching, one of us is pushing the buggy and one is holding hands with or chasing after our 3 year old. Holding hands together is a thing of the past.

Our friend arrived, the girls were fed so off we went, parked up and headed in the direction of the first of the caches.

I switched on my phone and waited for the map to load.

I took a photo of hubby over a stream and waited for the map to load.

We walked into a clearing in the trees and waited for the map to load.

I decided c:geo was playing up and went on to the app and waited for the map to load.

I went onto Facebook and got the error you dread "No Internet connection, try again". What? It was fine yesterday. What could be wrong.

I switched the phone on and off and tried again. Nope, still not working. We stomped back to the car and drove to a pub to see if it was the area. No, still nothing. I phoned my eldest daughter to find she had perfect connection. What could it be? It was then I remembered she was on a different network - doh! Could it be that my network was down?

We returned to the original area and decided to just go for a walk. A walk?! Are we mad? Knowing that there are tupperware boxes hidden somewhere here and never quite knowing where (although I guessed one location correctly as you get a 'feel' for these things quite quickly) was torture. OK, not torture by rather irritating.

We ended up walking to Fairoaks Airport and seeing lots of lovely little aircraft coming in so low over the path you felt you could jump up and touch them. A couple looked to be swaying from left to right in the wind so we decided standing right in the landing line wasn't wise and moved off to one side - just in case. I had no idea the airport was so close by footpath as it's quite a little journey by road. Another one of those "I never knew that" moments that geocaching has given us.

We got home and I phoned my mobile provider. I got sent a set of instructions to set up a new internet connection. Tried and failed. Finally got hold of a woman who told me that I needed to simply remove the battery and restart the phone. It worked! That will be something I'll not forget to try next time.

Today we headed out and picked up 3 of the caches that we tried to get yesterday. We had indeed walked past 2 but would have been heading in totally the wrong direction for the 3rd. And yes, we had the buggy again, but it was still fun.


  1. Sorry to hear about your coverage, Krista. Most frustrating.

    Should you ever find a cache in a tupperware box that's the same shape as a packet of cream crackers, can you let me know where it is? Ours is knackered and I've been looking for a replacement for ages! ;)


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