Get off my mouse

Our 1 year old has a wonderful fascination for reading. I say reading but what I really mean is looking at every book she can find.

Yesterday she picked up a book from the huge box of books we have in the dining room and wandered off to the hallway, sat herself on the doormat and spent 15 minutes just looking at the book again and again. I half expect to find her trawling through the daily newspaper whilst having her nappy changed!

You really can't complain when your children love books can you. We spend a lot of time pointing things out to her in books, as well as on walks out and generally around the house. I'm constantly amazed at how much little ones know -v- what they can say.

On the subject of development and learning, we bought our 3 year old a computer for Christmas. Now, before you think we are bonkers and spent a fortune on a laptop or iPad, this is a Vtech My Laptop and is brilliant.

Our daughter loved to sit at my PC and try and do things but that often resulted in a screen covered in half vanished applications (where she'd managed to move them nearly off the screen) or lots of random things opened up. She's a whizz with Paint though and has done us some lovely pictures all on her own! So, we decided this would be a great choice for her. She loves it. She is like a 'big girl' sitting at the dining room table, moving the mouse around and playing games whilst learning.

The computer features:
  • 30 activities
  • Friendly squirrel character leads play in forest themed activities
  • Teaches basic age appropriate curriculum including phonics, letters and maths
  • 8-directional cursor mouse encourages early computer skills
  • Moveable mouse for left or right handed users
  • Comes with free workbook for additional learning
  • Features carry handle for on-the-go play
When I am busy on the PC, she comes into the room and says "I'm going to do some work on my computer now mummy so please be nice and quiet". It comes back to bite you doesn't it ;-)

If your children are like ours, are fascinated by the PC, love to keep prodding away at your keyboard and enjoy moving your mouse at totally the wrong time, I highly recommend this little computer for them. It retails at just £16.99 and when you think of the educational and fun value, that's money well spent in my book.


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