Picnic in January

You really would not believe it is 7th January would you. The sun is out and despite a nip in the air, it's a beautiful day. Too good a day to be stuck indoors so off we went to have fun with our favourite hobby!

We headed over to Ockham Common (picture on the left) today to do a bit more of the ring that we had started some months ago. With a buggy and a 3 year old walking, these things take a little longer sometimes :)

We headed off in the opposite direction to where we had ventured last time to pick up a few more caches. All nice, easy ones that are designed to be found. Mostly micros but a couple of smalls for swaps thrown in.

When we got to the A3 pedestrian/cyclist/horse bridge, we decided to have a wander over and grab one or two from the More Common ring also (picture on right).

Quite a nice wetland area here in amongst the dry ferns.

We decided on the way back to the Ockham ring to stop on a tree trunk and eat our sandwiches and have a 'mini picnic'. Not something you normally expect to be doing in January is it! Think back to last year...brrrrr....

Off we went again having seen lots of horse riders, cyclists and ramblers out on this lovely day. We headed around the edge of the ring to drop off one of our travel bugs to continue its journey and then headed back to the car.

With our 3 year old having walked the whole thing, we felt that 2 1/2 hours on her feet was enough.

We'll be back to finish the last 4 of these caches soon and get our teeth into the longer More Common ring (once I work out where is best to park!).


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