Leaping Cachers

We had to take advantage of a once-in-a-lifetime....oh, sorry, I meant 'once every 4 year' opportunity and get ourselves a February 29th geocache.

It hadn't originally occurred to me how interesting a day this was until I spotted one of the geocaching groups on Facebook starting a thread about leap day cache finds. I said to hubby "come on, we have to go out and find a cache". Fortunately he is always up for a wander around woods. No, not like that you naughty lot!

We headed up to an area called Bisley in Surrey and aimed (pardon the pun) for a cache near to the rifle range there. A quick spot by the name of the cache before my GPS had even loaded up and the leap day cache was in hand.

We thought it would be interesting to walk to another one about 750m away but it turned out that once we reached the end of the footpath, it circled back on itself as the firing range had most inconveniently set itself between us and the cache. Much fun was had on the back circuit as the path suddenly seemed to vanish and pushing a 3 wheel buggy over branches and down dips isn't always fun I can tell you. You remember how Jeremy Clarkson nearly rolled that reliant robin? I'll say no more. Mind you, we saw this great hole in a very large tree and wondered what could live in there as it looked quite scratched out.

As we've had rotten colds, we decided to go and get a quick multi nearby too just to give us a bit of time out as we've felt a bit house-bound of late.

Off we headed to Bisley Village Green to gather the clues and then went off to find the cache. Unfortunately the walk was a little bit more than the 3 year old wanted to do and the location seemed to be at the back of a private houses tennis courts (they are posh in Bisley you know), so we decided to head back to the car as it was near dinner time for the girls. We'll check on Google Earth and see where the footpath to the cache actually runs before heading out to get it at the weekend.

It was fantastic to see the crocus' in bloom (as you can just make out from the picture at the top) and daffodils coming out. As we've all had colds, it was nice to grab some fresh air and a walk too, although I think myself and the 1 year old are suffering tonight from the exercise as we both have annoying coughs.

What fun to have the 2012 souvenier badge on my cache page :) Did you get a cache today?


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