Pancakes. Children love them....NOT!

Oh dear. There was I thinking "It's pancake day so I'd best make some". I didn't want my 3 year old to emerge from nursery telling me all about it and be desperate to eat a pancake. So, being the new super mum (slightly more super ted at times admittedly), I knocked a batch up for our lunchtime dessert.

"We're having pancakes for pudding" I cheerfully announced, to be met with a groan from the 3 year old and the phrase "I don't like pancakes". She'd never tried them! I was determined she would try and love them - like I do :)

So, off I go to the kitchen only to remember that I threw out the bottle of lemon juice I found at the back of the fridge about 3 months ago. It had kind of separated and, I'm sure, expired. Oh well, I was a woman on a mission so a small set back of no lemon was not going to stop me. I found a tin of peach slices and some ice cream. Yum!

Pancakes make, filled and served. I tuck in. 3 year old stares at hers and asks for her ice cream to be put into a cornet. I say fine, providing she try a tiny bit of pancake. Of course, I am convinced she will love it and demand more. I'm right aren't I!? No. I'm so incredibly wrong. She puts it into her mouth and cries. Is it too hot? Oh no, what could be the problem. "It's horrible" she says and spits it into my outstretched palm. Great. Ice cream in a cone it is.

1 year old eats *everything* so, of course, she will love it. Not! She put it in her mouth, pulled a face like I'd given her a piece of old tyre to chew on and pulled it out in disgust. No, it was not rubbery, I was just looking for an unpleasant thing you'd put in your mouth. Could have been an old sock I suppose, but I digress.

I have found the one, single thing my children hate beyond everything else....Pancakes. Guess I'm eating alone tonight then as hubby isn't keen either.

Mind you, even I prefer crepes but I'm stuck with a ladel and a wok so you work with what you're given ;-)


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