Sunshine makes you feel happy

Yesterday was, actually, a very good day. Surprising as the start to it was a little bit tense due to a meeting I had, but after that 2 hour stresser, it turned out to be absolutely fab(ulous).

The sun shone and we decided to make the most of it. Our 3 year old wanted to go to the "curly slide" which is a playground a few miles from here with, unsurprisingly, a curly slide! We bundled the girls into the car and set off. Having had some fun at the playground, we decided to go and get ourselves a geocache I had spotted en-route.

We parked up in another new area and headed off towards the little green marker on my phone. Of course, we did this in the 'as the crow flies' style and ended up walking through quite a lot of mud on a bridleway. Perhaps I should have changed into my wellies after all. Never mind. The sun was out and the air was fresh. The motorway noise was deafening. We were, after all, retrieving a cache on a bridge over the M3. We get to see all the nicest places ;-)

Cache in hand we decided to wander back on a nice, non-muddy path back to the car. Shame this particular area was mostly puzzle caches as I really couldn't be bothered to work any of them out. Lazy I know.

We got home and went straight out into the garden. 3 year old did some trampolining and then rode her little trike around whilst 1 year old toddled about picking up leaves and handing them to us. We even got a couple of chairs out, although the sun was too low in the sky to hit our back garden. We ended up at the front of the house sorting a few bits and bobs out with the girls playing in the sunshine (yep, it was bright and warm that side).

Overall, a smashing day. Doesn't it make you feel so much more alive and happy when the sun shines?

That's it then, no more winter please, I want to go straight into summer now!


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