Fairies in the house

I don't know why, but it never occurred to me that my 15 month old would enjoy dressing up with her 3 year old sister. Today, I brought the little dressing up box down from their bedroom and for the past 2 hours, they have been dressed as fairies playing around the house.

If you ask the 15 month old where her magic is, she wanders off and fetches a little wand which she then proceeds to use on toys and me (mainly by bashing me on the head with it). This is totally delightful to her older sister who is running around with a much posher magic wand with silvery strands hanging off it - like those you put on your Christmas tree and find around the carpet for the next 3 months afterwards.

It's made me think that perhaps I need to get some more dressing up things. Who says girls can't dress up as pirates (me hearties). As I've sold quite a few bits and pieces on eBay recently, it feels like a good time to invest in some more fun imaginary play stuff for the two of them. By that I mean things they can use their imagination with not me saying "here, have some imaginary toys" - I'm not that mean!

If only Woolworths were still around in the High Street.


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