Hello? Why are you all queuing for fuel?

I am totally baffled. I went to my local Sainsburys today and I could hardly get into the car park for shopping for the huge queue at their petrol station.

Was the petrol exceedingly cheap? No. Was there a national shortage? No. Why could this be then? Well, apparently some Government Minister opened his mouth and suggested we buy it now quickly, stockpile in fact, in case of action by the tanker drivers. Notice the 'in case of' part of that sentence? They have not gone on strike yet. They are still in talks. In fact, even if they *do* go on strike, they have to give us all 7 days notice before they do. How kind of them.

So, all the people queuing up now desperately filling up their cars are likely to need more petrol before any strike takes place. Now, you lot queuing at the pumps, do you see how silly you are? In fact, you are actually fuelling (pardon the pun) the problem with your manic buying. You are, no doubt, the same people who buy up the whole bread and milk isle at Christmas as heaven knows the shops may run out or you might as they are closed for what? One whole day, maybe two?

Yes, I remember what it was like in 2000 when the blockades took place. I had started a new job and couldn't get to work 3 days later. Mind you, nobody much could unless they walked or lived on a good bus route. It was no big deal. Then, as now, I refused to use a local garage as the franchise owner had put their prices up to some astronomical amount - their forecourt was empty and it served them right! Today, I see our local BP garage has done the same. They have raised the price of unleaded fuel from 140.9 two days ago to 146.9 today. Greedy sods. I was stunned to see a few people in their buying, but nothing like the queue at Sainsburys for the 140.9 stuff. Let me also think about that for a moment. 140.9. Per litre. WTF is happening to this country?

Anyway, I'm not rushing anywhere to buy petrol as I have half a tank and anyway, I can't fit any stockpiled jerry cans into my garage as it's packed already with 1st class stamps and pasties ;-)


  1. Hear hear!

    I point blank refuse to pay those astronomical prices. We filled up our Focus the other day and it cost nearly £70!!

    My car is very definitely only for when we really have to use it from now on.


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